CORUM Kunlun watch hand in hand artist ElisabettaFantone to create a new Bubble Bubble watch repeat classic classic eternal beauty

Recently, CORUM Kunlun table invited to the talented Canadian artist ElisabettaFantone solely responsible for creating the next generation of iconic Bubble Bubble watch - a novel, to "Mona Lisa" as a creative inspiration stunning masterpiece. Elisabetta Fantone has created a number of unique aesthetic limited edition design works, including Muhammad Ali, Celine Dion and Kardashian sisters, including celebrities have entrusted her to create. She has won a wide range of international acclaim, across the fields of painting, film and television. Her works of art behind the idea has been carried from the canvas flow to a variety of creative forms, from the Basel Art Exhibition mural creation to the uk replica watches recent surgeon design Bubble bubble watch, in a deep meaning of the timepieces to make themselves Of the artistic creation to eternal freeze-frame. CORUM Kunlun watch hand in hand artist ElisabettaFantone to create a new Bubble bubble watch re-classics eternal beauty This time, she made for the CORUM Kunlun watch Bubble Bubble watch reference to the world-famous portrait "Mona Lisa" and re-composition. "In my latest work, I have been inspired by the greatest artist of all time," Fantone said, "we are fully capable of distinguishing and distinguishing the images that make the United States eternal life." The definition of beauty has been shattered by society as a whole, In the arts was able to rebirth. Although Fantone often from the 20th century 50,60 and 70 years of Pop art to draw creative inspiration, but for this watch, she found in earlier works of art and watch frame design to adapt to the picture. Sapphire crystal from the mirror outside the eyes, the Mona Lisa slightly side head, revealing that touch of familiar smile, and colorful collage tapestry wrapped white chest to form a delicate balance. Featured silver or bright purple case with replica watches dial images show funny playful, and silver arc pointer is elegant and beautiful design of the screen back. Fantone's art is concentrated in the wrist, the United States has become ubiquitous. Since 1955, CORUM Kunlun table brand aesthetic design intent and excellent technology, has become a very high degree of recognition of the original creative signs. From Admiral Admiral series to the Heritage classic series, each of the iconic watch series have demonstrated a fascinating new perspective, Bubble bubble watch is no exception. CORUM Kunlun watch hand in hand artist ElisabettaFantone to create a new Bubble bubble watch re-classics eternal beauty In 2000, Bubble Bubble Series came to the 1960 launch of an experimental diving watch designed for inspiration, this diving watch from the depths of the seabed back to the replica rolex watches surface of the water is still normal operation. With this remarkable masterpiece of innovation, a new design style was born, through the thick sapphire crystal table can magnify the central dial, such as gem-like table mirror package exclusive original design patterns, the formation of wonderful visual illusion. CORUM Kunlun Bubble watch Bubble watch advocating the modern atmosphere to give retro fashion, the artist ElisabettaFantone creative inspiration with the perfect fit.