2016 most recommended to buy the 9 Casio G-SHOCK series of watches

Whether you are a beginner to buy watches, or you are a fever-level collectors, in their lives, I think everyone needs a powerful G-SHOCK accompany around. Their anti-sediment, shock, water, wear, battery lasting, and if you are a bright color of the fans, in this series there will be a lot of brilliant watch for you to choose. Comprehensive consideration of various factors, the following 9 is only 2016 we recommend you to buy the Casio G-SHOCK watch. Ninth: G-SHOCK DW5600M-4 Casio launched in 1983 after the original G-SHOCK watches, in December last year launched a series of new colors, to make full use of the 90's cute atmosphere. This is one of the swiss replica watches few bright orange G-SHOCK options that are currently available, and it's not easy to bring back memories of your childhood, and digital has always been the essence of CASIO G-SHOCK. \ Eighth: G-SHOCK GA100L-2A G-SHOCK which is a representative of the deep blue color models, and this color is very popular in the 90s, orange strap inside and outside the blue color with each other, the contrast is strong, the most important reason is recommended visual impact Force large. 7th place: G-SHOCK GA400LY-1A 2016 Head-impact model. Fluorescent yellow-based color, dial and pointer part of the design with gradient color, highlighting the movement style. The main function is shockproof magnetic, 200 meters waterproof, world time, stopwatch, countdown, daily alarm, the whole point of time, automatic calendar and so on. Case large, vertical diameter of 5.5cm. Thickness 1.83cm \ Sixth: G-SHOCK Master of GGWN1000H-9A Designed specifically for marine activities. GULFMASTER is the first G-SHOCK watch incorporating a triple sensor (version 3) and Smart Access. In addition to air pressure and altitude, orientation and temperature sensors and other functions, the new watch is equipped with a tide map shows the current tidal state and month age, so you keep abreast of the natural environment of the details. When the air pressure suddenly changes extreme, the uk replica watches will immediately through the sub-disk needle, LCD display and alert you. Dual LED lighting and 6 o'clock in the direction of the surface of the lamp, so you can still be in a dark reading information. \ Fifth: G-SHOCK Master Of G GG1000-1A3 In the first half of 2016 Casio's new entry-level land series Clayton replica watches, priced at about 2000RMB or less, the collection of our most commonly used features, and very accurate, while more cool in the design. Cost-effective. \ Fourth: G-SHOCK GA110HT-2A Surface patterns using rock texture patterns, matte. This G-SHOCK looks like wearing a warm sweater in general, perfect with your autumn and winter clothing. While providing blue and white, black for your choice. \ Third: G-Shock GA201RD-4A This is a red case, very conspicuous, in addition to its basic timing function, it can actually measure the speed in different hourly units! For anyone who loves cycling, as well as skating / snowboarders, you will know where his magical powers are. \ Second: G-SHOCK G-STEEL GSTS100G-1A G-SHOCK stands for G-STEEL series with a new "layered protective structure". The dial is made of double-layer structure made of different materials to enhance the overall shock-proof function. The upper layer is made of stainless steel. Watch, the lower will use the shock rubber material, such as the upper use of rubber material, the lower will use enhanced rubber to reduce the impact from the upper. GST-S100G-1A case with gold ion IP treatment, while the GST-S100G-1B is the use of black ions (GST-S100G-1A), the GST-S100G series of stainless steel case with a rubber strap, IP processing, with a full range of solar power system, world time, impact-resistant structure, waterproof 200 meters, world time, daily alarm, 1/100 second chronograph, countdown, and other functions, intimate pointer rotation design, when Using the LCD display, the pointer can be manually avoid the LCD area, coupled with dual LED lighting and luminous pointer design, allowing users to read a variety of information more convenient and clear. \ First name: G-SHOCK Master of G GW-9400DCJ-1CR The new master of the most satisfying place than the fit of the function, this collection of all the master of the master, less the other masters there is a lack of regret. But the function is not the better, Bo and fine trade-offs is always a dynamic balance, the more functions, not necessarily able to control, not to end up in trouble. Master of G Key Features RANGMAN-9400 Barometer, altimeter, thermometer, compass, sunrise and sunset, snowstorm FROGMAN frog moon, tide, diving MUDMAN clay mud, moon, thermometer, compass RISEMAN barometer, altimeter, Thermometer GULFMAN curved anti-rust, moon phase, tidal like solar energy, radio, waterproof 200 meters, etc. These excellent performance is not listed, these are not the core features of the master series.